No turning back ~ Couch to 5k Week 7 Day 2

I officially declared myself a runner today! There is NO TURNING BACK now!  My Couch to 5k Week 7 Day 2 run was simply amazing!

As you heard in the video, I didn`t want to go backwards so I opted to run the 2 miles anyhow! How incredible is that!! I am more than proud of myself.

Now the big issue is whether to find a different 5k to run and attend the Regional or pass it up. I am thinking I need to find another 5k to run instead and attend the event and have the best of both worlds! I think I would have regrets if I skipped the Regional meeting.

Time will tell…..

Loving Couch to 5k!!!!

Live Full Out with Passion & Purpose!

  • I love your commitment Susan and agree that you should definitely attend your business event and find another 5k to run.