Facing My Fears – Shatterproof Challenge

I turned 53 on Sunday Sept 20th 2015. It can be a bit overwhelming at times to realize that I am probably on the slippery slope to eternity now.

BUT….. I don`t have time to dwell on those thoughts….

I have a life to live!

This year I decided to stop celebrating New Years Day on January 1st and celebrate it on my birthday instead! And just to stay true to form, I have made some resolutions.

This is going to be a year of “Firsts” by facing my fears.

Like many of you, there are a lot of things I fear. Here are a few:

  • heights
  • falling
  • confined spaces
  • rejection
  • giving a prepared speech
  • spiders
  • dying alone

This list could go on and on.

Fear can be a very useful tool when the fear is in proportion to the perceived threat. Being fearful when you sense a stranger approaching while walking alone at night is a very useful thing. It heightens your awareness and can help you to flee or avoid a bad situation.

The fears I am talking about are the ones that don`t serve us well. The ones that limit us or stop us from being, doing and having what we want in life. The passing of my 53rd birthday has me drawing a line in the sand and saying enough is enough!

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

The first of my firsts is a BIGGIE!

It is tackling three of my fears at the same time! I am going to face my fear of heights, falling and rejection by taking the Shatterproof Challenge and rappelling down the 16 stories of the Omni Hotel in Downtown Austin on Nov 10th to celebrate my nearly 16 years of being clean & sober and in support for all those I know who are still struggling with addiction. My middle child, oldest son Alan is doing this with me!

Please allow me to share why this challenge is important to me.

First…. I have a HUGE fear of heights and falling; but, this is not the primary reason this challenge is important to me.

My life literally changed and the battle with addiction began when I was in sixth grade. My much older cousin talked me into smoking marijuana for the first time. Once I had that feeling, I wanted more. That quickly turned to drinking alcohol, taking pills, and doing cocaine my freshman year of high school. Drugs and alcohol robbed me of the innocence of my youth and the quality of most of my adult life.

But on Jan 1st 2000, by the merciful grace of God, I was radically delivered from addiction. It has been almost 16 years now that I have been free from the bondage that drugs and alcohol had on me the majority of my life.

My family and the families of close friends have been impacted in one way or another by addiction. I have friends who have lost their children to it, known others who overdosed on it and even some who committed suicide because of it, the list goes on and on.

Shatterproof Challenge

There are countless others, total strangers, who have never touched drugs or alcohol who have had their lives shattered by the acts of someone under the influence of them. I could have been one of those people who inflicted that pain.

I give thanks first and foremost to God for delivering me, to my family for having to live and deal with me, and  to the countless others who prayed for me, spoke words of life and healing over me and even one person who intervened in my life while just doing their job.

I am specifically referring to Police Detective Sgt Dawn Sprayberry of the Fort Smith Arkansas Police Department who was the pivotal beginning of my wake up call; when she arrested me for drunk driving on Feb 1st 1999, 2 weeks after losing my father; with a blood alcohol level that was close to if not well over double the legal limit.

I could have killed myself or someone else that night. I thank God she pulled me over and took me to jail.

I chose this challenge for a number of reasons:

  • In honor of my own nearly 16 years free from addiction
  • In support of those I know who are struggling with it now
  • To overcome my “SEVERE” fear of heights and falling
  • To help inspire others to go out and breakthough the things they let hold them back
  • To dispell the lie I tell myself that I can`t raise money because I can`t make a difference and that I don’t matter.
  • To support the mission of Shatterproof, an organization committed to protecting our children from addiction to alcohol or other drugs and ending the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease.

In order to be able to rappel, I have to raise $1000 so …. If you feel moved to support me in this challenge, please visit My Challenge Page and make a donation.

Or ……if you want to take the challenge and rappel down 16 stories with me please consider Joining my Team!  I am looking for at least 2 more people to be a part of Team Higher Impact!

The next challenge I am taking on to face my fear is to run my First Half Marathon. Stay tuned for details!!

Live Full Out with Passion & Purpose!